Bahama Hardware Kit, 2 3/8" or 3 3/8" Female Hinge, Tilt Arms, Clevis Pins, and Nylon Hinges


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Bahama shutter hardware consists of two components. First is the hinge. The male part of the hinge mounts to the upper front of the shutter and is cut to the same width as the shutter.  The female section of the hinge is mounted to the structure.  If the mount is outside the window opening, the female section is mounted outside the window opening.  The male section, after attaching to the shutter, is inserted into the female section for the completed assembly.

The arms are attached to the window casing or wall and to the shutter using the eye set bracket. The bracket is mounted to the shutter near the outside edges near the bottom of the shutter.  The corresponding bracket should be mounted to the wall of the home.  The arms are then attached to the brackets using a locking pin.  If the shutter is to ever be locked in the shut position, the brackets should overlap each other so the locking pin can pass through both of them.

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