Painting Vinyl Shutters
Learn how to paint exterior vinyl shutters!

You may have found yourself wondering how to paint vinyl shutters if your old shutters are old and faded or if your just ready for a change. You may also be planning to purchase new vinyl shutters and want to paint them so you can get that specific color that may not be available as a standard color directly from the manufacturer. In either case, this is a great article that will help you learn the process to get the best results when painting vinyl shutters.

If you are purchasing new vinyl shutters that you plan on painting yourself make sure you purchase paintable shutters. Most vinyl shutters, including those sold on the shelf and the big box retailers, are made from a vinyl material known as polypropylene that paint does not adhere well to. Instead most manufacturers will offer a paintable vinyl shutter which is made from a polystyrene that is much better for paint adhesion.

If you already have polypropylene shutters, it may still be possible to paint them using a product known as Krylon Fusion. Krylon Fusion is a paint originally designed by Sherwin Williams that promotes adhesion to plastic surfaces. We recommend using the Fusion for Plastic Outdoor Primer and then painting over it with any exterior grade latex based paint. Kyrlon Fusion is available in a spray can that will make it easy to apply evenly without runs, drips, or streaks.

If you have polystyrene shutters you can use any exterior grade latex based primer and paint. Typically, one coat of primer and two coats of paint will be more than sufficient. For best results, the paint should be applied using a spray method as to ensure a nice even coat and prevent runs, drips, and streaks in the paint. We recommend Sherwin Williams Adhesion Primer B51 W 8050 WHITE, 6501-32590. Be sure NOT to use any type of vinyl based primer or paint!

When painting vinyl shutters it is important not to expose the shutters to direct sunlight before, during, or immediately after painting. The ideal temperature to paint vinyl shutters is between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a good idea to clean the vinyl shutters using a mixture of ammonia and water, 1 cup per gallon. Make sure you allow the shutters to dry thoroughly after cleaning before painting.

Painting vinyl shutters can be a hassle and messy. Most homeowners paint vinyl shutters with a brush which is time consuming and leaves runs, drips, and streaks. Did you know that you can order custom color painted vinyl shutters directly from We have developed a spray method for painting exterior vinyl shutters in a professional paint booth with exhaust equipment. By hanging the shutters in the booth we make sure to cover all sides evenly. Plus we can match any paint color with the manufacturers paint name or number, paint formula, or a sample color that you mail to us. We then match the color and use several healthy coats of paint, allowing the paint to dry in between each coat. The spray method that we use applies the paint evenly without runs, drips, or streaks. We also paint the mounting hardware for the best finished look. Our painted shutters come standard with a 25 Year Finish Warranty.